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SMEs/Business Owners

We guide you to the right accounting and enterprise solutions that fit your specific industry and business needs. You have the freedom to compare different providers and hire the one that’s right for you and matches your budget.

Define your project needs

Depending on your needs and line of business, we will ask you specific questions generate an anonymous brief and share on our platform for potential solution providers to bid on.

Discover the best solution provider

Based on your answers to our questions, we will match you with experienced experts that offer similar solutions.

Select your favourite expert

Compare their responses and invite the ones you prefer for demo and final pick. They will read an anonymous version of your answer and show their interest.

Direct chat

Use our inbuilt messaging app to communicate with your potential providers, fix meetings, share files and review offers that matches your spend.

Solution Providers

Be visible to thousands of SMEs across Africa and enjoy unlimited access monthly $100m deal flows. We attract, verify each client’s request and qualify business opportunities for your business.

Your Profile

Create a professional profile, add your previous industry experience, tell us the type of opportunities you are interested in and get reviewed by our in house team. We will match you with opportunities that fit you.

Get Access to Business Opportunities

Thousands of SMEs come to our platform everyday looking hire enterprise solution providers who can solve their toughest specific challenges. They answer questions about their needs while we verify and sort through our database to sort and select the providers that corresponds with the requirements of the clients.

You decide

If the opportunity is not relevant, you can decline and if meets the type of projects you want, we will connect you to the clients and charge your wallet for the opportunity, while you introduce yourself and follow up via our messaging app. You will also contact the client and get in touch through traditional channels.

You can also keep the list of the clients we match you with and contact them for future opportunities.

Get hired

Typically, 2-3 other solution providers will accept the business opportunities. The client will compare your previous work experience, skills and decide who to invite for a demo. Your job is to sell your experience and capabilities at affordable price. When you are hired, ensure your get reviewed by your client and let us know so we can improve your chance of winning more deals.